Loan Processing

Services Overview

The loan processing team are responsible in assisting the Broker with the preparation of a loan file for approval and completing the relevant administrative tasks for pre-settlement and post-settlement stages. If you’re looking for a full end to end solution, you can combine the Loan Processing Services with our Parabroking services as well.

NCCP Documents Check

We will perform a thorough check of all NCCP compliance documents once generated from the brokers CRM to ensure accuracy of information.

Supporting Documents Check

We will perform a detailed review of all supporting documents to ensure accuracy of
information with any discrepancies being highlighted back to the broker.

For example, expired identification documents or payslip income that doesn’t support the clients declared income.

Requirements & Objectives Check

It is still up to the broker to complete their BID notes to ensure they are selecting a product that meets their clients requirements, however we will ensure the information entered into the relevant CRM and lender systems is accurate and in line with the brokers instructions.

Lender & Product

We will ensure the information entered into the relevant CRM and lender systems aligns with the submission notes provided by the broker.

Our comprehensive list of in scope services:​

Looking for a full end to end solution? We also offer Parabroking services.


Why choose CLPC Solutions?

Saves You Time & Stress

Our goal is to help you focus your time on your core business and reduce your overall operational and labour costs.

Effective Use of Your Resources

By outsourcing the repetitive and administrative tasks, you can start using your internal resources more effectively by channelling your knowledge and efforts on more high value tasks and needs.

Risk Mitigation

Our multi office and timezone approach means we have you covered regardless of any natural calamities, accidents, market fluctuations or technical crises.

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What Our CLPC Brokers Have To Say

"CLPC Solutions have been a great asset to my business. Their streamlined and efficient workflows have really improved how my business operates and now I have the time to focus on the more important things like future growth and client care."
Andoni Comino
Vivid Home Loans
"I highly recommend CLPC as an outsource solution, they’ve really added value to my business by taking on those administrative tasks. With the CLPC team sorting out the paperwork, I now have more time to focus on providing my clients with the best experience possible."
Joe Ghoussain
Fast Funding