CLPC Solutions

We hold the belief that our services can contribute to the expansion and enhanced efficiency of your business. Entrusting us with your non-core functions enables you to concentrate on your primary strengths and strategic endeavours. This approach enables time savings, cost reduction, and an overall enhancement in your business performance.
Workflow & Task

Don’t get caught up in time consuming tasks. We handle the heavy lifting, freeing up more of your time to focus on your clients.

Loan Processing &

We offer a full end to end processing solution through our Loan Processing & Parabroking packages. We can assist you with your loan processing and data entry as well as full financial & product analysis, application lodgement & compliance.

Supporting Mortgage Brokers & Credit Assistance Providers

Our service and approach offer you a hassle-free and top-notch solution, devoid of initial setup expenses and the ongoing challenges of overseeing an outsourced team.

Highly trained team located in Australia, India & Philippines.

Eliminate the need for staff training. Regardless of the software you utilise, our team is prepared to back you up. Our staff undergoes thorough and ongoing training, ensuring they’re well-prepared to assist the moment you assign a task.

13 Hour Coverage

Our team are operational Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm (AEST) across multiple locations worldwide.


Businesses that use an outsource team to do their loan processing save, on average, >50% on labour costs.


CLPC currently hold a 99% accuracy level on all files processed.


Focus on what matters most i.e. your business and its future growth.

"Building smart processes to streamline workflow can make the work easier and results more reliable"


Why choose CLPC Solutions?

Saves You Time & Stress

The structure and operations of CLPC are supported by a strong management team, streamlined processes, detailed documentation and market leading workflows. Increasing your time to focus on your core business activities and reducing your overall operational and labour costs.

Effective Use of Your Resources

By outsourcing the repetitive and administrative tasks, you can start using your internal resources more effectively by channelling your knowledge and efforts on more high value tasks and needs.

Risk Mitigation

Our multi office and timezone approach mitigates any risk. In the event of any natural calamities, accidents, market fluctuations or technical crises, our rigorous disaster recovery mechanisms and detailed workflows, task allocation and back up plans ensure that we can respond rapidly to an above mentioned situation within remarkable turnaround times.

No Obligation Free Consultation

We understand deciding if outsourcing is a good fit for your business can be daunting, which is why having a chat to our experienced team will help you understand this process better. Let’s book in a discovery session so we can understand your business and future goals.


What our CLPC Brokers Have To Say

"CLPC Solutions have been a great asset to my business. Their streamlined and efficient workflows have really improved how my business operates and now I have the time to focus on the more important things like future growth and client care."
Andoni Comino
Vivid Home Loans
"I highly recommend CLPC as an outsource solution, they’ve really added value to my business by taking on those administrative tasks. With the CLPC team sorting out the paperwork, I now have more time to focus on providing my clients with the best experience possible."
Joe Ghoussain
Fast Funding