Who are we?

CLPC Solutions offer end-to-end loan fulfilment  to help mortgage brokers successfully navigate the complex mortgage environment.

Our innovative solutions are designed to deliver personalised and customer-centric experiences for loan origination, settlement and portfolio management ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our experts leverage centralised data, automated workflows and digital tools to boost operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and your profitability.

The CLPC GuarAntee

Our Philosophy

To help businesses drive growth and operational efficiencies.

Our Mission

To offer you a streamlined workflow to make your work easier and results more reliable

Our Promise

CLPC offer you an end-to-end loan fulfilment service to help you successfully navigate the complex mortgage environment.

Your Benefits
how we work

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What do we offer?

A team of highly trained and experienced individuals who value the importance of the end customer experience.  We help mortgage brokers navigate the complex mortgage environment through our innovative solutions and market leading processes.

What makes us special?

CLPC Solutions is guided by a proficient management team possessing comprehensive knowledge and proficiency in lending, mortgage broking, and the adept management of significant onshore and offshore teams.

Detailed & Efficient Management of Files

A well-defined and consistent folder structure along with a labeling system guarantees uniformity of files across all participants engaged in the loan application procedure. These conventions and structures for folder and file naming serve as essential training aids for onboarding new CLPC personnel.

The use of clear naming conventions establishes a shared vocabulary among team members, enhancing efficiency by reducing the time spent on document retrieval or deciphering the thought processes of colleagues.

Advanced Systems & Tools

All tasks are funnelled into a centralised inbox, overseen by an advanced email ticketing system. This system automates task distribution and employs robust workflow regulations, enhancing team efficiency. Routine analytical reporting and trend tracking are conducted to verify the fulfilment of our SLAs, ensuring optimal performance.

Precise & Streamlined Communication

For all CLPC Solutions and broker interactions, Microsoft Teams channels are employed, guaranteeing complete visibility across files and centralising internal team communication.

Happy Clients

What Our CLPC Brokers Have To Say

"CLPC Solutions have been a great asset to my business. Their streamlined and efficient workflows have really improved how my business operates and now I have the time to focus on the more important things like future growth and client care."
Andoni Comino
Vivid Home Loans
"I highly recommend CLPC as an outsource solution, they’ve really added value to my business by taking on those administrative type tasks. With the CLPC team sorting out the paperwork, I now have more time to focus on providing my clients with the best experience possible."
Joe Ghoussain
Fast Funding